Kokoda Challenge 2014 Time Lapse Videos

SOK Images covered the 10th Annual Kokoda Challenge from start to finish and produced over 7000 images of participants, volunteers, staff and supporters.

It marks the biggest-scale event we've ever done, but one new (and really awesome!) element for 2014 was the addition of some time lapse sequences from the weekend.  We were lucky enough to have Blake Stephens join our team and capture some great scenes from both days.   These are mesmerisingly beautiful and dangerously addictive...every time you watch them you pick up another subtlety and want to go back for another look....don't say you weren't warned!


Setup and Start

Can you spot yourself?


Velodrome 'Hyper-lapse'

When the starting venue was changed just 12 hours before kick off, it threw months of planning and logistics into disarray.  On the plus side, the velodrome made for a really cool hyper-lapse sequence!


Beechmont at Night

Short but sweet....see if you can spot the aircraft holding pattern waypoint in the sky (watch the streaks of light change direction just above/left the tall tree)



This one is a little bumpy due to the afternoon wind picking up.  SOK is clearly visible thieving many lollies from the finishing tent.  Whoops!


Big thanks to Blake for jumping on board and capturing some great sequences.  Contact us if you have a time lapse project in mind and want to chat to Blake!


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